on January 28th from 9am - 1pm and on February 3rd by 5:30pm at the main concession stand

Spring is here!


Each sport will be responsible for donating a themed basket made up of items donated by the players which will be coordinated by your team liaison.  Additionally, we rely heavily on additional silent auction items donated by individuals in addition to the team baskets.  The success of the auction depends on your generous participation as a team and individually. 

Letter to Athletic Parents

Baskets and individually donated items are requested by January 31st.  Donations after January 31st, please call as soon as you have the donation to arrange pick-up or delivery.

Should you wish to donate an individual item to the auction in addition to contributing to the team basket that your liaison is coordinating, please attach the below form to your item and contact us for drop off.

Individual Item Donation Form

Donation Drop Contact

Melissa Chambers

Are You Requesting Donations:

AuctionRequesting donations from businesses that receive your patronage is easy and painless.  Before requesting a donation, print these forms to provide the business with the information they need to make an informed decision to donate:

Silent Auction Donor Letter
IRS Determination Letter

Remember to thank them if they have already donated or been approached.


Need Ideas

Gift certificates, travel, sports, restaurants, sports memorabilia, etc. Start now, we only have a few weeks until the event, and donations are requested by January 31st. Donation Suggestions

Still having trouble thinking of what to donate? download the Get You Thinking Questionnaire


Venus Alyea

The Latest:

Here is the current list of team baskets:

Varsity Baseball - Wine Basket
JV Baseball - Date Night Basket
Sophomore Baseball - Sports Fan Basket
Boys Soccer - Gift Card Baskets

Cougar Day Sponsors:
Thank you to all our sponsors for their generous donations. List of Sponsors

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